Slymblaas (Muccous Bladder) Digital Drawing 80x65 cm

Philip Pearson

Featured Artist  Philip Pearson Jonah, is a biblical narrative describing in its simplest of terms the transformation of self, a transcendence dance; the self beyond. In this balanced piece, the pebble represents the body, a slight expansion of references to be found in Brancusi's muses and the relationship of form positioning to be found in the works of Alison wilding. the "boat" determines the whale; a boat has ribs it as skin, it has a spine, its aesthetic is beyond its utility; It narrates the journey. the boat in this case is of a clinker construction, an age old technique, utilises copper nails and roves to join lengths of wood together.


Pybus is a digital artists whose  work takes on different themes using drawing as a basis of his expression . He developed his artist persona as Pybus and has been mixing digital media and drawing in the last few years.

"My work is a mixture between hand crafted and digital working back and forth between each other. My creative process can start with an idea which reflects a dream then I try to recreate it. My inspiration can come from anywhere I listen to a lot of dark wave and electronic music which certainly motivates me and I try to reflect that in my art. My inspirations are Dave Mckean, David Lynch, David Bowie, Frank Zappa,  Trent Reznor and Zdislaw Beksiński. " Pybus


Metamorphosis , liquid wax, ink and mixed media on paper48cm x 38cm

Polly Bennet

Polly's practice combines her interest in museology and her self-proclaimed amateur-scientist status with immediate observational responses produced 'in-situ’, and by collaborating with her rural environment she recreates experiences to represent the conditions of the landscape Cotton is transformed into a relic of London’s industry. By allowing rusty industrial artefacts, like buckles and nails, to shed in water, only their traces are left, mimicking the environment in which they were found: the Thames foreshore, and as these pieces once symbolised prosperity and trade, and in more basic terms, the movement of people globally, it seemed fitting this piece conveyed movement and portability.  This idea took me outside to photograph the work, and subsequently the rusty objects became weights, being sown into the hems of the stained cotton to anchor the fabric from the wind, a trick originating in the 1800s to keep ladies garments shapely.

Uche Art

Uchenna draws on the eclectic imagery, colour  and by his complex eye to create an extraordinary type of abstract surrealism that is unique. Inspired by dream, death, myth and dance he plays with dream-like images, line, colour, and movement to create vivid paintings that spring to life with vital energy.  Swirling, curling and dancing across the canvas, graceful lines take centre stage in hisworks of varying abstraction.

Although many of the artist works delve into total abstraction, many others depict elegantly simplified figures, but each work, conjured in dreams, expresses the artist deep philosophical musings and inner psychological workings.


This is the world- the admiration of false myth and folk tale, 56 x 81 cm, acrylic and oil on cardboard, 

Featured Artist
Biagio Mastroianni
Biagio's paintings are a diffusion of a futurist world with an emphasis on vivid colour, complex figurative characters and gestures.
This is the world in our present time: leading by greed, avidity, horniness, glamour, fighting spirit and adoration of false myth and folk’s tale. The figurative expressive grimaces with anger, rage, disbelief, scepticism, admiration and hate, characterised by hard, fixed gaze and it accompanies combative gesture. Orange and red are the dominant colours. This highly pessimistic interpretation of our present time of a big city, stressing the alienation of man as he plunges headlong towards self-destruction.
The transformation of the city from an apocalyptic vision into a more optimistic
perspective: well-being and pleasure find expression in smiling, serenity and
tranquillity, in a futuristic, more bright colours and abstract imagery.'                                                                                           Biagio Mastroianni 

Melanie Chappuis
Melanie Chappuis explores the concept of metamorphosis through the medium of painting, drawing and video. ' I filmed Hortense Le Guillou in her intimate flat full of life and got inspired from her personal story. Metamorphosis means the process of the developmental change from an immature form to an adult form in several stages. The fact Hortense just finished her studies and is in the transition of the world of work, it’s an important turning point of her life. Having empathy for her because I am at the end of my studies, I’m showing a constant metamorphosis of a young adult entering in the professional life. I superimposed a video on another video to create an effect of a double movement describing this important transition of life.' Melanie Chappuis 


Garden Lovers  oil on canvas 120x100cm 
Featured Artist
Meme Marey paintings in this  exhibition demonstrate an ease with the handling of paint on a large scale,  her work here is of a much more personal and sensitive content.
'These paintings explore notions of the human condition and deal with a relationship of how emotion such as love, anger, hope and solitude can unite two people.

The work is drawn from the 'self'. Images are instigated and evolve through my own thoughts, memories and experiences, they are personal yet universal and broad in their consideration seeking to transpose these ideas onto a two dimensional surface beyond the realm of reason.
The paintings are not pre-planned in format or execution and evolve through the process of painting. As a result the surface forms textures of paint and overpainting until the image reaches its own conclusion.'
                                                            MEME MAREY
Clare Thatcher
Clare’s work Is deeply connected with A Sense Of Place, taking influence from the idea Of Liminal Space In Landscape. The Locations she chooses and the focus of her attention Is highly selective, personal and resonant of individual landscape features and associated thoughts, emotions and reflections. Central To her practice is the use Of pure colour which she makes From pigments. Clare selects a Limited palette and through the impact of colour and surface aims to capture the mood and sensation of an ever changing landscape. Clare’s work responds to particular landscape features that make feference To transition and the consequences of perpetual flux, and which have had A profound effect on her whilst walking through coastal and tidal areas. 


Quiet Space 4_oil & pigments on plywood_30x40cm_2020_£1100
Quiet Space 4_oil & pigments on plywood_30x40cm_2020
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